Meet Theron Johnson, AOTL Georgia State Director

By Team AOTL

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Theron Johnson has lived in Atlanta for more than half his life. A graduate of Albany State University, he brings a background in local and state-level Georgia politics to the All On The Line team. The fight for fair maps intersects with Theron’s main areas of focus: fairness, equity, and equal representation.

We asked Theron for a few details about why he got involved with All on the Line. Get to know him here!

What does All On The Line mean to you?

All On The Line is a vehicle to increase public understanding and engagement surrounding our redistricting process and its importance in moving the needle on issues that affect Georgians. We have an unprecedented opportunity to make a real difference and leave a positive impact on this state for decades to come. All On The Line represents a platform upon which the voices of everyday Georgians can be heard in a meaningful way.

Why are you fighting for Fair Maps?

For years, I have worked to get great candidates elected that represent the ideals of what Georgia should be. But cycle after cycle, election after election, loss after loss, it became clear to me that the problem is that we are running in uphill marathons while other candidates may be running in down hill sprints. We have unfair electoral races due to manipulated electoral maps. Millions of Georgians have suffered under bad policy long enough because, thanks to gerrymandering, our elected officials can get away without meaningfully governing. This is more than a fight for fair maps — it’s a fight for healthcare, criminal justice reform, education, and democracy itself.

Why should people get involved with All On The Line?

Whether it’s voting rights, accessible and affordable healthcare, or the economy, map manipulation in our state has obstructed progress and suppressed the voices of Georgians for too long. By helping us bring attention to this issue, ordinary people can be a part of doing something extraordinary in ensuring Georgia has fair electoral maps for generations to come.

Which district in your state is the wackiest?

There are so many that it is hard to pin down one specifically. The reality is that when you look at our state legislative and congressional maps, the effects of partisan and racial gerrymandering are disappointingly crystal clear.

If what Theron said struck a chord with you, consider getting involved with All On The Line in Georgia! Together we can reverse gerrymandering and fight for fair maps.

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