Meet the All On The Line State Directors

By Team AOTL

Welcome to a new series: Meet the All On The Line State Directors! We hope this series will give you some insight into the diverse, talented team at All On The Line, as well as the motivations behind our state-based work.

All On The Line could not function without these amazing individuals who lead state efforts to end gerrymandering and make the redistricting process fair and transparent for everyone. We encourage you to reach out to our State Directors, and get involved with our campaign!

Drop us a line or and follow us on social! We’re at @allontheline on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Want to get involved? Visit our website to find out more!

All On The Line is the grassroots movement to end gerrymandering and restore fairness to our elections and democracy ahead of 2021 redistricting. Formerly OFA.