Meet Olivia Mendoza, AOTL Colorado State Director

By Team AOTL

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Olivia was born in Mexico and raised in the United States. She has had the great privilege of realizing her parent’s dreams, as she pursued her education to break the cycle of poverty. Professionally, her greatest accomplishment so far has been receiving her Juris Doctorate. But her true success in life is being surrounded by her loving husband and wonderful children. Olivia is fighting to make Colorado a state for people of all backgrounds!

What does All On The Line mean to you?

As an immigrant, I am profoundly committed to the democratic principles of this country. All On The Line advances those values and principles by creating systemic change through amplifying the voices and actions of the people.

Why are you fighting for Fair Maps?

Redistricting warps the principle of “One Person, One Vote.” This fundamental right has been manipulated for political gain. The answer to this problem is fair maps. If we win fair maps, our democracy wins.

Why should people get involved with All On The Line?

We all care about our families, our communities, and the world around us. It is impossible to ignore political agendas that impact those we most care about. But, in order to make lasting change, we must make systemic change. That is why All On The Line matters.

Which district in your state is the wackiest?

We don’t really have “wacky”-looking districts in Colorado. But we do have an opportunity to be the pacesetters for national reform efforts.

Olivia has dedicated her time and efforts to ensuring that the mapping process in Colorado is fair, equitable, and provides everyone with the right to proper representation.

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