Meet Kendra Alvarez, AOTL Arizona State Director

By Team AOTL

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Kendra is a proud third-generation Tucson native. She’s been honored to work in constituent services and federal and statewide campaigns throughout Arizona. Kendra and her husband are based in downtown Tucson, an organizing hub in the state!

What does All On The Line mean to you?

To me, working with All On The Line is an opportunity to build trust in one of our most sacred civic duties: voting. We cannot afford to ignore that responsibility and undermine that power.

Why are you fighting for fair maps?

Americans are all too familiar with our values and voices being silenced and utterly ignored by a corrupt network of wealthy corporations, special interests and the politicians that do their bidding. I am fighting for fair maps because all voices deserve to be heard. Transparent processes and fair maps will result in confident voters.

Why should people get involved with All On The Line?

People should get involved with All On The Line because the work we do here forms the framework for the next decade of Arizona politics. Our maps can either work to represent the people of Arizona or serve the interests of politicians. Arizonans who want the former should get involved so we can protect our democracy.

Which district in your state is the wackiest?

After the 2010 census, our independent redistricting commission created a map that served our state well. We need to protect the independent redistricting process again and ensure we keep fair, representative districts. That said, the district of AZ-01 covers over 58,000 square miles. That’s a lot of ground to cover! Arizona has a redistricting commission, but we need people power to keep the process fair and open and to hold the commission accountable to the high standard we’ve already set for ourselves.

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