Meet Genevieve Van Cleve, AOTL Texas State Director

By Team AOTL

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Genevieve Van Cleve is a fifth-generation Texan. She knows that y’all means all and loves honkey tonks and tofu in equal measure. A force to be reckoned with, Gen is a key member of our team and leading the fight for fair maps in Texas!

What does All On The Line mean to you?

I think most people understand the importance of civic participation. From registering to vote to the process of electing legislators, there is an understanding and acceptance of these basic functions of democracy. Redistricting is the last “smoke-filled room” where the money and the power are divvied up. All On The Line provides the key to unlocking that back room and forcing some much-needed sunshine into the process.

Why are you fighting for fair maps?

Ultimately, redistricting is about power and money. When elected officials are in safe, gerrymandered districts, there is no need to be responsive to their constituents — because those same constituents can’t go the normal route of “voting them out.” These representatives are more likely to listen to special interests who line their pockets than they are to the people they supposedly represent. I fight for fair maps because I’d like to make sure that all people recognize that they have a rightful claim to the power they should actually hold.

Why should people get involved with All On The Line?

Everyone should get involved with All On The Line. Redistricting is about power and resources. If you’ve noticed a difference in the quality of roads and schools in your community versus the community next door — that’s part of why redistricting matters. If you’ve noticed that no matter how many voters you register in certain districts, the incumbent always wins — yep, redistricting matters. If your water pipes are full of lead for generations and nothing gets done — redistricting matters. Here’s the deal — no one is promised victory, but when the game is fair you can put your head on your pillow at night and know that you were heard and treated equitably. That’s what we want here in Texas — a good deal, a fair shot.

Which district in your state is the wackiest?

There are so many examples of wacky gerrymandered districts in Texas, including HD-105 in Irving, CD-02 in Houston, and ALL of the Congressional seats that are anchored in Travis County. Whether it’s the city of Irvington, or House District 105, or CD-02 — and therefore all the Congressional districts in Travis County — we have a lot of work to do to better represent these Texans.

Texans, if you’re tired of politicians manipulating maps for their own gain, now’s your time to step up! Join us HERE! Drop us a line or and follow us on social! We’re at @allontheline on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.