All On The Line Statement on the Launch of the People’s Map Commission in Wisconsin

Today, the People’s Map Commission has officially opened applications. In response to this exciting development, All On The Line State Director Elizabeth Treviño released the following statement:

“With his call for the People’s Map Commission earlier this year, Governor Tony Evers showed outstanding initiative and foresight. Now that the Commission has officially begun the application process, he’s making good on his promise to pursue fair maps and equal representation for Wisconsinites.

“For too long, the people of Wisconsin have borne the brunt of harmful policies set in place as a result of the appalling gerrymanders that have plagued the state for the last decade. The 2021 redistricting process is quickly approaching, and we need all hands on deck in order to make sure new maps actually represent the rich diversity of Wisconsin and the best interests of all Wisconsinites. All On The Line will be working to get as many Wisconsinites from all backgrounds involved in this commission so that voters are heard loud and clear during the redistricting process.”

All On The Line will be engaging Wisconsinites across the state to educate them about this opportunity to be civically engaged. Now is the time to get involved to help make a stand to achieve fair maps in Wisconsin.

Since its launch last year, All On The Line has been hard at work building a grassroots volunteer organization ahead of the 2021 redistricting process. This work includes launching Redistricting U, a national, in-person training program designed to give individuals the knowledge, skills, and tools to take action on redistricting — the program is now offered virtually. So far, Redistricting U and other AOTL trainings have held nearly 100 events across dozens of states with over 1,000 volunteers. All On The Line has also engaged with volunteers in more than 80 cities through roundtable events, book clubs, and house meetings. The campaign has also held a number of information sessions to educate would-be commissioners of how to apply to serve on a redistricting commission. To date, more than 70,000 people have signed All On The Line’s Citizen Commitment and pledged to advocate for fair districts in their state during the 2021 redistricting process.

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All On The Line is the grassroots movement to end gerrymandering and restore fairness to our elections and democracy ahead of 2021 redistricting. Formerly OFA.